Post-meditation tea

So what’s on the menu today?
Actually I just got back from a 11 day trip to Southern Germany. I was helping out on a meditation retreat. That meant a lot of kitchen work, but also a couple of hours each day of meditation. It felt great to give back a little as I also once received the help of other people on my own meditation retreat as well.

But helping out there also meant that I had to leave my beloved teas at home and had to rely on tea bags on those 11 days. Lots of peppermint, lots of camomile and such teas. Was alright for some time but I don’t have to mention how much I was looking forward to get back home to my treasure chest…

I treated myself with a tea I have not tasted before and which one was waiting for me to get explored. It’s called “Ba Ka Ngoi Fermented Puerh” and it’s one of those teas I get on a monthly basis straight from Yunnan Province, meaning that it’s really quite exclusive stuff :)

It was harvested in summer 2013 and has been aging ever since. Comes from the southwestern Pulang mountain region of Yunnan and from mountain heights of in between 130 to 1400 meters. Apparently the tea is also used for medicinic purposes sometimes in the villages in order to boost the immune system. For that reason the Pulang people add peppercorn to the tea. No surprise to me as I have already tasted Yunnan and Sichuan food and that can get quite spicey. Their pepper had the power to completely numb your tongue… Their peppercorn in combination with their tea must certainly kill all harmful bacterias that may be in your body. Must be equal to a fallout once you drink one of those “pepper teas” I reckon.

Now back to the tea. Funnily this time it was not the flavour of the tea but rather the texture of it that struck my senses the most. The texture is very silky and slides over your tongue like a shadow and leaves a slight trace back on it. The information on the card that comes with the tea (on the back if the wonderful postcard you see in the picture) says that the tea is known for having light hints of copper when it comes to the flavour. While I don’t completely agree all the way with that, I can say that I feel a metallic hint on my tongue when I drink it. Very very interesting.

Flavour wise the most significant thing I taste is the hint of cacao in the beginning, but it’s by far not as strong as with other and similar puerh I had tasted. In general I am a bit disappointed in the tea. It does not have too much to offer in terms of flavours, nothing that let’s it stand out from the crowd. Don’t get me wrong the tea is not bad, but I think it will become just a tea for me I will have in the morning to get into the day and not a tea which I will celebrate on a Saturday afternoon for hours and hours. There are other teas in my cabinet that are more suitable for that.

Take care and enjoy your tea.




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