How judging tea can kill the experience

Now when I drink tea, then I realize that I am not much of a talented tea taster and could probably never become a professional tea taster either. To be quite frank, I do not even desire to be one.

Tasting tea goes in hand with analyzing and eventually grading tea. I dont know, but this seems rather a cold and rational approach to me and therein lies my dilemma.

I certainly enjoy drinking tea and to sense and to find or realize the vast amount of aromas in it with all 5 senses, thats the fun in it. But what I do not like is to put myself in search mode for these aromas. Thats because I find, that in hand with the search comes the judgement of the tea. This urge to judge prevents me from realizing the true nature of the tea, which is essentially beyond good or bad.

Tea grading spoils the whole experience simply because you focus more on the search than on the actual enjoyment. It narrows the whole tea experience down and reduces it to the simple task of finding, comparing and judging. And judging is a “Spielverderber”, a game spoiler.

In any case I still appreciate the professional tea tasters of the world, as they help all of us with the selections of our teas. Thanks for that guys!

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  1. And it’s a pleasure to hear the adjectives others choose to describe the flavors they enjoy-nutty, earthy, woodsy, etc. The expert’s grading of quality doesn’t have a direct relationship on the tasters’ journey.

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