Ultimate Tea Truth

Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than drinking a cup of tea in silence by oneself. Sometimes only 2-3 cups are enough to put you in a tranquilizing mood. Then you are not thinking any more. Its only the sounds, the smells, the tastes that pass through you and they wont stay. You become a pipe that is being used only as way of leading things towards their cessation. These moments are the most precious ones.

Then I think these moments can only be more beautiful when there is someone dear sitting next to you. Drinking the tea you are drinking, being as silent as you are, too getting tranquilizied, the mind becoming crystal clear.

Then our eyes would meet. No thoughts, just the feeling that both of us are not looking only deep into our eyes, but right into our pure and beautiful minds. Our hearts will warm and we will feel human, because we will realize that we are one.

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