The equivalent to coffee and cigarettes

Anybody knows the movie “coffee and cigarettes” by Jim Jarmush? Pretty much deals about musicians talking about non-important interesting matters while smoking cigs and drinking cheap filter coffee in a diner. All is shot in black and white. Having been a chain smoker myself for quite a long time, I know what perfect combination coffee and cigs make. Both have very strong tastes and kinda build up on each other. You have this dry taste of the cigarette in your mouth, the nicotine weighs slightly on your tongue, and then you add the strong, thick, bitter consistency of black coffee to it. Its in a way a perfect combination. You have the feeling that your whole mouth is filled with this balance of dark taste. For some short time you feel like nothing else will have to add to it to make the feeling in your mouth perfect – its somewhat complete. Taking aside the unhealthiness of this combination and its essential parts, it truly is a perfect fit. Both coffee and cigarettes love each other. Jim Jarmushs movie does a great job in reflecting this great natural mutuality of coffee and cigarettes. The actors such as Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Meg White are all sophisticated proud chain smokers and their weird entertaining conversations with each other would not carry all the way through without them not enjoying their little peace of coffee and cigarettes.

Well, I am over coffee and cigarettes since some time, but I can definitely understand smokers and coffee drinkers who are hooked to this combination. Its no surprise that the greatest conversations at parties in my youth were happening on balconies and in front of the doors, cuz thats simply where the smokers always went. Cigarettes kinda made the conversations happening. Simply add coffee to this now and the conversation’s end is delayed to infinity, not including the things that are bound to happen after.

Now – when do I finally draw the line to tea in this little writing you might ask. Here it comes: I just found the equivalent to coffee and cigarettes. And it is: Tea and Rain.

Similar to coffee and cigarettes you cant really say, which of the two comes first. Is it the rain that uplifts the tea experience or is it the tea that makes the rain showers even more beautiful to look at and listen to.

What I love about rain is, that it kinda locks you in your home. You look outside and feel a slight shiver about the thought of having to leave the house.


Imagine you are alone at home, sitting in a comfy chair at a table. Outside you can hear the wind rattling on the windows, rain drops knocking on it slightly. You look ouside of the window and see never ending pouring rain, you can feel that the air is cold and fresh outside. The sky is full of clouds, blocking out all sunshine – everything is dark. You are beginnig to feel a little cold yourself. It feels like a little bit of the strong wind outside is coming through little cracks in the wall.
But then it suddenly changes. You pour hot boiling water from your thermo into your tea pot full with dark tea leaves. Steam comes up from inside the pot carrying the warm aroma of the freshly infused leaves. Its like the room is warming up right away when you inhale the moist, fresh smell of the tea. Now you are beginning to get more comfortable. You pour the liquid in your tea cup and sip on the hot tea.

You can still hear the wind and rain outside doing its thing, being all wild and telling you: Stay inside, stay inside. But to this adds now the full flavor of tea in your tongue, you can feel the warmth in your mouth going to your shoulders and then to your belly. It doesnt matter how hard its raining outside and how cold it might be outisde. Right now you are at home, your skin is all warm and you feel the warmth of the inside of your body protecting you against cold times.


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