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  • Earl Densham

    Dude, I drink my tea with no sugar and no milk. In Australia, we like our tea strong and bitter because we like big flavour. I can’t stand the watery rubbish they serve elsewhere in the world. If I want to savour highlights, I buy and drink accordingly, but for my standard cup, give me a hit! Just another hard core Aussie habit the rest of the world doesn’t get. May come from the times our defence forces have spent in trenches in the freezing cold. We are tough people here and our habits reflect that. Try some vegemite, a few mm thick on buttery toast. Yum! But the rest of the world can’t hack it. I guess what I am saying is, to understand rather than judge our tea habits, you have to understand the people and what they are looking for. Nothing woosey here…
    Onya mate! ;-)

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