My name is Morten, the founder of „The Silence in Tea“,  and I am very  glad  you stopped  by.

 This page is fully dedicated to the most reviving and  peaceful beverage  in the world and its  main objective is  to do its little share in helping to  promote the positive  message of tea to  the world.

 I have become a very passionate tea lover in the last  decade ->My tea story and as it has  become so much of an  integral part of my daily life and improved my general  lifestyle, its  no surprise that I would like to share these  positive experiences with others, so that they  hopefully can get inspired by it and can start benefiting from it too. To me tea is not just a  beverage of choice, its another answer you choose for your life. Tea is an antidote  to modern and too fast paced lifestyles.

So on this site I just want to write about whatever comes to my mind re tea and and also share some of the ecxperiences that I make on my tea travels. If you want to learn more, then simply mail me or contact me via Facebook :-)

Up the cup and

Enjoy the silence!