• Closeup der Blätter und Knospen vom Bai Mu Dan Weißtee.
Bai Mu Dan – Weißer Tee
Bio Tee aus Chinas Fujian Provinz

This is a top grade Bai Mu Dan tea that is made with a “one bud, two leaves” plucking… silver-haired buds and grayish-green leaves. This plucking strikes the perfect balance between delicateness and tasty full-bodied richness. A perfect tea when you want a clean, pure white tea that is a little bit fuller and not as delicate as Silver Tips. Perfect for when one needs to concentrate because it stimulates the mind without over-exciting the body.

Origin: Fu Ding, 800m. Fujien, China
Harvest: Spring, 2016
Color of liquor: bright yellow
Aroma: white flowers, ripe fruit, baked apples
Flavor: Clean, sweet, refreshing
Temperature: 85º c
Steeping time: 2 min; 3 min; 4min; 6min