• Nahaufnahme der länglich gedrehten Teeblätter vom Taiwan Assam.
Taiwan Assam – Schwarzer Tee
Vom Sun-Moon Lake in Taiwan

Made from authentic wild and semi-wild Assam trees brought by Japanese to Sun Moon Lake before WWII! Seed propagated trees have space to grow and a symbiotic relationship with local ecology (plants, insects, animals, bacteria). Normally this would be considered a red tea (black in the west) but this tea is more like an oolong as they halved the withering/piling and rolling period, leaving the leaves greener and with more powerful Qi.

This particular batch was hand-rolled and made with leaves that were bitten by the same insect that makes Oriental Beauty so special. You will find this Assam Sun Moon Lake “Elevation” sweeter than previous batches because of this.

We recommend putting just a few leaves in a bowl and drinking as bowl tea. Handles multiple infusions!!!