• Bild der Teeblätter von Vitality Schwarztee
Bild der Teeblätter von Vitality Schwarztee
Vitality – Schwarzer Tee
Teespezialität aus Yunnan, China

Spring 2017 Big Snow Mt Dian Hong

Vibrant Dian Hong Red Tea
This cake is part of our Holistic Healing Cakes series for this year’s Light Meets Life fundraiser, which are each created for the three energies that make up the human being, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine: Jing (?), Qi (?) and Shen (?). This is the Vitality cake, representing the essence. It is the most vibrant of the three, connecting you to your genetic source, sexual energy and core, where you dig when you need one more push. (You can buy the whole set and get free shipping)

Vitality comes from Big Snow Mountain (???) in Lincang. Big Snow Mountain is a high-altitude area that’s home to many tea gardens, including lots of clean eco-arboreal gardens and some ancient gardens in the forests as well.

Vitality was processed with care from first flush of Spring 2017 Assamica tea leaves harvested from younger eco-arboreal gardens near the village. This affordable red tea is amongst the best we have ever created.

Vitality has a bright and crisp maroon liquor that invigorates you. It is sweet, malty and delicious. It is truly amongst the best dian hong teas we have ever tried! It has a sweet, rich and bright liquor that is one of the reddest red teas we have ever seen—red like rubies thrust towards the sky. It is thick and complex, very interesting and patient as well. The Qi is vigorous and strong, yang and rising. It is great in the morning, especially if you want some calm force to start the day right. It is also one of the best teas to help you have a clear meditation session, which is one reason why we chose it.