• Closeup der feinen Teeblätter vom Zairai Sencha
Zairai Sencha – Grüner Tee
Feiner Tee nach japanischer Machart

Delicious sencha from the local Zairai seed-propagated varietal (a rarity in Japan) growing naturally in Kagoshima and harvested in mid-May. Zairai is a very diverse and powerful varietal. This tea is very lively, aromatic and even a touch floral.

Origin: Kagoshima, Kyushu
Harvest: Ichibancha, 2017
Color of liquor: light green
Aroma: oven-baked bass, mineral, mackerel
Flavor: intense, complex, sweet, floral, minty, fruity, velvety
Temperature: 70-75º c
Steeping Time: 1-1,5min; 30seg; 1min…